The 20 Most Badass Video Game Cosplay Costumes Ever


We have a lot of fun with cosplay here on Unreality. More specifically, we enjoy leering at the hot chicks and making fun of the truly sad failed attempts. But I figured I’d switch it up and feature the best of the best, and after an afternoon searching, I can safely say that these are the 20 most badass video game cosplay costumes ever. Or you know, 20 pretty cool ones. Hit the jump for the full gallery.

Marcus Fenix – Gears of War


I’m not so sure about the demon-possessed contacts, but everything else…wow.

Brotherhood of Steel Solider – Fallout 3


It’s like one of those giant standup things at Gamestop, but there’s a guy in it!

Big Daddy and Little Sister – Bioshock


I’m not sold on Little Sister, but Big Daddy is spot on.

Altair – Assassin’s Creed


Yeah, he blends right in the crowd.

Dark Link – The Legend of Zelda


Mark my words, the only time I’ll ever use “badass” and “Link cosplay” in the same sentence.

Helghast – Killzone


I played through this entire game, but I never figured out if they were aliens or demons or Nazis or what.

Jin Kazama – Tekken


I wouldn’t want to ride home with him.

Cloud – Final Fantasy VII


There are roughly 100,000 Cloud cosplayers out there, but this one is my favorite.

Kitana – Mortal Kombat


Because women can be sexy AND badass. Look at those razor fans!

Kratos – God of War


The world is in need of a truly epic Kratos cosplayer. This guy is close, but needs to hit the gym for about year.

Nero – Devil May Cry


Screw Dante, this Nero is a ****ing baller.

Nightmare – Soul Calibur


What the? This Nightmare looks like belong straight on the Soul Calibur movie set.

Sam Fisher – Splinter Cell


Yeah, he’s just one step removed from a regular SWAT guy, but whatever, still awesome.

Pyramid Head(s) – Silent Hill


Because two pyramid heads are better than one.

Samus Aran – Metroid


Even I know that this Samus getup is legendary among cosplayers.

Sephiroth – Final Fantasy VII


Love everything but the hairline.

Solid Snake – Metal Gear Solid


Alright, so Snake wasn’t asian, but this guy’s got the attitude.

Marine – Starcraft


I have serious doubts that this guy can move.

Vincent – Final Fantasy VII


Yup, people really like Final Fantasy VII.

And I’ll leave you with…

???? – ????


Not sure what’s going on here, but I know badass when I see it.

All pictures are property of their respective owners etc. etc.

If you have any awesome ones you think I missed, send them to and I’ll post them if they’re cool.

Super Bonus: Baby Chun Li – And by badass, I mean adorable.

  • crazytom

    the last one is ikkaku madarame with his bankai, this badass dude from the manga/anime Bleach

  • that guy

    nice one. the last one is Ikakku’s Bankai from Bleach..

  • Madison

    Nothing compares to the Samus Aran costume. That is just amazing.

  • that guy

    oh, umm, forget it then, hadn’t seen that comment..
    *hide head in shame*

  • BTM

    @Madison: no, that’s not amazing, thats a girl. G-I-R-L. They lack the penis part. Oh, and have boobs. Walk out more – you might see one.

    And for the record – the Starcraft Marine and Brootherhood of Steel soldier looks waay more awesome than Samus cosplay.

  • Madison

    @ BTM

    I totally would, but they frighten me. I feel safer behind my computer.


    I just played through MGS4 for the 5th time, and they say Snake has SOME asian decent, and when I read about more characters it seems like no matter what fuckin country their from, Kojima always made sure they were somehow of asian decent. Kinda fuckin irritating.

  • crispy

    @ Madison

    No you don’t understand it’s just BTM would have enjoyed it more if that Samus had a penis… Because he’s a fag.

    Seriously though that is one epicly hot Samus

  • Madison

    @ crispy

    Ah, makes sense. I really had no idea what he was trying to say.

    Agreed on that Samus. Wow.

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  • RPGod

    The last one is Ikkaku with his Bankai. He’s an extremely badass character with an even badasser weapon

  • Johnny Might

    Wow, thats the coolest stuff I ever seen!


  • Me

    Freaks! 😉

  • Custo

    That Cloud is from Chile!!

    I was there, in that convention
    the guy was really great, perfect details and costume in general
    a great job

    and he win the cosplay contest!!!

  • Alleyne

    What about Pikmin Link? So badass.

  • jay


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  • Daniel

    What about this guy…he even got the reverse joint figured out in the knee…

  • Jordan

    Kenpachi is standing next to Ikakku in the last one.

  • prizim

    next to Ikkaku (in the last pic) is his captain, Kenpachi Zaraki.

  • jo

    i saw the last guy at AX, his costume took up a whole aisle in the exhibition hall.

  • Scream

    not forgetting the mega mouth cosy i’d p*** my p**** seeing arms that extends out a mouth cosplay

  • Nightkind

    You left out the best cosplay costume ever:

  • So the last guy’s from Bleach eh? Not a video game, but whatever, badass nonetheless.

    I’m not sure I understand this whole “Samus with a penis” debate.

  • Ummm


    You do realize that Samus Aran IS a girl …right?

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  • L

    About the Samus Aran costume, i prefer this one:

  • Dave

    Awesome selections, lot of good selections everywhere with a lot of hardwork. Here are some that I like (Kingdom hearts) (pedobear)

    and more Ikkaku Madarame (think its the same one)

  • Madison

    @ L

    That’s a real good costume, but I prefer my Samus to look a bit more like she’s been through some major shit.

    Thanks for the link.

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  • Vectoor

    That Samus Aran cosplayer is really cool. She is half Japanese half Swedish if I remember correctly.

  • Madison

    @ Vectoor

    She’s got a very unique, very attractive look to her. You don’t see a lot of half Japanese, half Swedish girls.

  • Madison

    @ Daniel

    Nice find. There’s no way that costume can be comfortable.

  • Golgo13

    You forgot:
    And to be fair, the other Halo “cosplay” was for a movie, so it shouldn’t count.

  • Golgo13

    Whoops! I reposted the same costume as Daniel.

  • cool stuff!

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  • Zarkz

    “# Paul Tassion 09 Jul 2009 at 1:31 pm
    So the last guy’s from Bleach eh? Not a video game, but whatever, badass nonetheless.
    I’m not sure I understand this whole “Samus with a penis” debate”
    Well, Bleach has a shitload of games out, espicially on the handhelds, so it kinda counts

  • Yeah, but that’s like saying someone dressed as Aragorn counts as video game cosplay because EA made a bunch of Lord of the Rings games.

  • @Golgo13 – what movie? Those were costumes from the 405th Halo costuming board.

  • cletus barnhill

    Master Chief and the UNSC marine get honorable mentions. Or no mention, just a picture. But we know who they are.

  • dilbert
  • ChrowX

    I know I’m late to the party, but I’ve gotta correct you on that Big Daddy.. I’ve seen much better and, in fact, I’ve done much better.

    See for yourself

  • ubernontroll

    @ChrowX your Big Daddy sucks vs. the one posted


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  • danny
  • This easily beats all of them hands down. GuaranFrickenTeed!
    The guy only spent $500 on materials and its all handmade too.

    The Most Amazing Cosplay Evar! GARO at the Comiket Japan

  • dizoburo

    i saw a good ezio (assassins creed 2) at anime expo this past weekend.

    a pretty good samus

    and a not so good zangief

    cosplayers are pretty awesome.

  • Mizz Kitteh

    Ooohhhh Vincent….too bad most cosplayers of HIM are female.

    …does that make me a lesbian? *shrug*


    Cscrew NERO!!! Dante is a man!!!!!!!!

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  • Thanks for featuring me! Someone just let me know I was on here.

    As for the Samus cosplay, nothing personal against the cosplayer, she’s really good, but she still doesn’t have armor. Just because she’s attractive doesn’t make up for the fact that she still has a costume made almost entirely out of soft materials. There are a few other Samus costumes that deserve the Best Samus Ever title much more than she does. One is in a link that someone posted on this very page.

    and yes Samus Aran, the character is a girl. lol

  • hmm

    uh…actually snake IS asian…japanese. The egg he was conceived with came from a japanese woman. everyone knows that….right?

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  • Onigiri

    Did this guy even try to find a good Link or Samus? Cardboard Samus makes me sad. (Or it’s Wonderflex poorly executed, I have no clue) I could have found better ones. In fact, here we go : This person does a pretty good take on it with the texturing. Some more nice armored cosplay in their gallery.

    The most impressive Link cosplayer. She’s very kind too!

  • Mmmh… Love LOVE that Marcus..
    The contacts are a must.. Marcus actually have blue-almost-white eyes.–article_image.jpg

  • Alina

    there’s actually a TOTALLY better costume of Samus the girls name is Yuki something lol but the Samus costume she made is ten thousand times better than the girl you pictured in this

    otherwise i LOVE the little sister and big daddy and the dark link ones those are amazing!

  • Kasumi

    The last picture is Ikkaku Madarame from the anime/manga Bleach.

  • Bandit a la mode

    Haha… Nightmare has a one-eyed meatsword….

  • Tom

    Marcus, Altair, and the Helghast are by far my faves. The blood on Marcus’ armor is just so friggen real looking.

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  • Ayato

    The last one is ikkaku’s bankai from bleach and the guy next to him is zaraki kenpachi his captain.

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  • pyramid head

    cool lol two pyramid heads are better than one! hehe

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  • Check to share your cosplay photos!

  • fernando

    the last one is a character from bleach the anime

  • gal

    i liked the helghast costume and splinter cell if it was on sell it probably be allready done XD

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  • Lizz Daley
  • Madison

    @ Lizz

    Pretty bad ass? That is just AWESOME. Well done!

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  • Tom

    With the comment being said about the heritage of Solid Snake, He still looked a lot less Japanese then his Surrogate mothers genes ever provided.

  • Josh

    The starcraft marine is bad ass lol didnt think they woulld make one that would actually fit lol.

  • archer

    The Last one (“???”) is Ikaku and his Bankai from Bleach Anime.

  • Charles

    These costumes are realy awesome,but you must also know that they got a big budget in it,so that’s why they are so great.The ”failed” attempts are fans who didn’T have alot of money and skill and materials to make a costume…

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  • BangBanganime

    This is awesome. My favorite is Assassin Creed. Its kick ass!

  • That seperoth costume is awesome! Zelda rocks as well..

  • FonKii

    I think this is a decent low budget version of Bio Shock 2, Big Sister ->

  • Andrei

    I have a game metal gear acid3 its with snake and I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

    Its wery cool!

  • henrique

    You guys CAN’T be serious about the Samus Aran cosplay being the best one.
    It’s not even really good, nevermind being better than the others. Seriously, look at her chest and belly armor, was it made with some kind of cloth? Look at the edge of her leg armor, was it cut with a bread knife? It’s so horribly amateur compared to most of the others here that it’s laughable she’s been chosen as one of the best cosplays ever.

    I can’t help but agree with BTM, you’re all over her because she has a cute face and that’s all. You can’t fool me like it could be anything else.

  • The MIghty Cow Bell

    @ BTM 08 Jul 2009 at 2:55 pm :
    yo I gotta disagree, the Samus chick is by far the best outta all of them. While it is true that you can see girls anywhere I ask you whens the last time you’ve been anywhere near a sexy babe that likes video games and has no hang ups about getting her photo taken while rocken the camel toe (^.^ side note I’m just gunna mentally log the image into the ‘ol spank bank)

  • Jessica

    lol they guys at the end r cosplaying from bleach and there not the great sorry to say but i know what im talking about bcuz im an obsesive fan

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  • zanisar

    some people are so stupid samus is a chick play the old game and beat it ull find out if ur good that is and all the costumes are awesome except sephiroths

  • The Bleach ones were decent, although they both need to hit the gym for a good long while before the costume is really accurate.

    The Dark Link one was just awesome.

  • facepalmtrees

    @ BTM: wtf? So, just because someone chooses to crossplay, their costume is immediately rendered uncool? Admit it, you’d love to tap that. Tap that /hard./ And besides, some of the best costumes are done by crossplayers on both ends of the spectrum.

    And I wish I had gotten a picture, but I saw an awesome Snake cosplay at Metrocon 2010. That one’s good, but this guy was just intesne.

  • haaaaaaaaaaaakau jin kasama ganteg berkelahi

  • Swift

    You idiots don’t understand that BTM knows that Samus is a chick in the game. What hes saying is that the costume isn’t amazing like people are saying it is, it’s just getting credit because its a girl. I completely agree with that too because the thigh and waist area of the costume look stupid and are some kind of squishy material pretending to be metal. Lot of these are good though compared to a lot of what I see but I don’t really spend time looking for cosplay.

  • onewingedangel690

    Yeah no sh!t.. How many people do not know SAMUS is a chick? Anyone with half a gaming brain knows that. good costumes though even for an old thread lol.


    You… are all faggots, stop playing video games and get some friggin lives. 🙂

  • Lorenzo

    its really amazing!!!
    its unbelievable!
    everything looks very similar like the real!

  • wormie

    yup.. the last guy was Ikkaku Madarame from bleach.. i think the guy next to him is trying to Cosplay Zaraki Kenpachi… Ikkaku’s Captain….

  • Infamy

    Helghast was the best cause the Helghast own.

  • james has the BEST L4D ZOEY PHOTOS EVER.

  • Lydia

    Dark Link: a much more epic Link than, well, normal Link.

  • NoLife

    Kerberos Panzer Cops. Hands down.

  • All you need to know is that Vincent from Final Fantasy was the cleanest one.

  • Oh man these are some freaking great costumes. I love the Kitana and Devil May Cry costume. Good stuff.

  • Those are some awesome pics! Beyond the pics, those were some well define detail costumes. Too bad those can not be mass product or else you can sign me up to carry them in my store.

  • Heffa

    Looooove that Samus outfit 🙂

    As for Big Daddy and Little Sister, you can go past Harrison Krix efforts

  • It’s amazing some of the detail that they put into those costumes they look awesome. Great pick on the best video game character costumes all of them look great.

  • RandomNerd

    WOOOW. The last one is Ikkaku from Bleach! Sorry, if someone mentioned it already. The fact that someone actually made his Bankai, and true to it’s actual size in the anime– AMAZING.. But Ikkaku is RIPPED. . . There is a much better Kratos Cosplayer . . . Well, he’s an actor BUT Look up on Youtube: God of War Sex Therapy. It’s a GOW spoof of a popular R&B song. It’s like looking at a real Kratos!

  • choke

    Kratos needs some muscle mass asap!

  • Grial

    the last pic is from bleach they have there own video game and that’s one of the characters from the show/game

  • Fisherr

    -Gears Of War
    -Splinter Cell
    -Assassin’s Creed

    The above are my favorites.

  • BlackSun

    I’m definitely late to this but whatever. The Marcus Fenix cosplayer is Sid Garrand from Nightmare Armor Studios. Him and his friends completely made the armor from scratch. And they made four or five more regular COG armor.

  • Mats

    Last one’s Ikkaku Madarame and Kenpachi Zerachi ( but that one kinda fails )
    Ikkakku’s pretty decent

  • B

    It’s been stated a couple times, but that’s Ikkaku from Bleach. The guy standing next to him is Zaraki Kenpachi, also from Bleach.

  • David

    The last one is from Bleach….

  • Leman Russ

    You…you monster! HOW COULD YOU FORGET ABOUT WARHAMMER 40 000! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Criminal! Just kidding but anyways you should haave included Warhammer 40k cosplay.

  • gorok

    also the badass one at the bottom as mentioned is from bleach the other character slightly to the right is kenpachi also from bleach … check it out you will realise just how much of a badass that character is 😀

    did anyone else notice the character that was in most of the pictures as well? the invisable man now that is a cosplay done well and truely brilliantly. sorry stupid o clock in the morning couldnt resist bad puns

  • Mortal combat rocks.

  • There are great cosplayers in Colombia too, check them out!

  • Mr.Lovesbacon

    That doesn’t look like cloud, that looks like a blonde early game Zack from Crisis Core..

  • naruto30

    Aww! All of them are really awesome. I was actually looking for the best but I’ve got a pretty good line up here. I was actually planning to go for assassin’s creed from It’s cool!