The 10 Most Popular World of Warcraft Videos of All Time


With billions of hours of game time accrued by millions of players, it stands to reason that there have to be some pretty good World of Warcraft videos out there by now. I’ve found the ten most watched on the internet (or on YouTube at least) and put them all in a row here.

Most of them are music related to some degree, a few are actually gameplay footage and others actually tell a story. Here are the 10 most popular World of Warcraft videos of all time.

10) The Funeral Raid (3.7M views)


The story here is that a World of Warcraft player died in real life (from playing the game too much allegedly) and her virtual friends held an online funeral for her in remembrance. But as you know, this is the internet, where we don’t have things like “social decorum” so a merry band of assholes decided to storm the funeral and kill everyone there.

9) Big Blue Dress (4.2M views)


A sad song about a powerful character forced to wear a huge blue dress.

8 ) The Beer Song (4.3M views)


Yes, even elves and orcs get drunk.

7) M.A.G.E. (5.5M views)


Eh, this one is pretty questionable to me. Not particularly well written or sung. I like the dancing elf girls though.

6) The Story of Jimmy (5.8M views)


A story of a friendship lost because of the Burning Crusade. Understandable by even those who don’t play.

5) Guild Wars vs. World of Warcraft (6.6M views)


One of my favorite videos here. The two MMORPGs stage a dance-off to see who rules supreme. I don’t think watching an Orc dance like MC Hammer ever gets old.

4) 300 (6.7M views)


I’ve seen a few WoW parody videos in my time, but this is by far the best one.

3) That’s the World of Warcraft You Play (10.5M views)


Not very well done in my estimation, but I’m sure players can relate to the content.

2) Leroy Jenkins (11M views)


Oh snap! You thought Leroy would be number one didn’t you? Well, so did I, but we were both wrong. Watch it again because it never gets old.

1) Dancing (13.1M views)


We get to see a side by side of just where all the WoW dancing animations came from. Where I got my lead picture for this post, the Chris Farely Chippendales one is without question the greatest thing I’ve seen all day.


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