T.Hawk and Dee Jay Future DLC for Street Fighter IV?


Capcom is hinting that the only two fighters missing from Street Fighter II may be making a future appearance in IV, presumably as DLC.  Incomplete character models have been created for the game, but for some reason, they were never finished and the two were left out of the game.

I, for one, think that T.Hawk and Dee Jay suck an incredible amount of ass, so I won’t shell out $10 or whatever the hell it would cost to make them playable. All I need is Cammy and the hard kick button and I’m golden for an infinite number of matches.

T.Hawk and Dee Jay’s return allegedly depends on “user support” so if you really want to see them make an appearance, get on those Capcom forums and start professing your undying love for Chief and Shark Smile.

  • T howk was okey, but DJ not, I will not pay for it.

  • Travis

    The Roster feels empty without them. As much as you hate them, they are still classic characters in the history of fighting video game history.

  • ThImbou

    DeeJay and T. Hawk make this game come alive and makes me remember the BEST street fighter ever… SF2! and honestly I wouldnt mind paying extra for it. people who dont want it shouldnt complain you know? dont get it if u dont want it. some of us ARE fans of those 2 characters. and some of us will pay for them to be downloaded 😉

  • ss4keef

    I’ll be get the DeeJay and T. Hawk dlc.
    DeeJay and T. Hawk were pretty good to me DeeJay more so.
    Max out was a good move (his fireball).