Ten of the Best Minecraft Videos to Date

My job involves consuming almost every form of electronic media out there today. I watch two or three movies a week, follow a half dozen TV shows, play a handful of different video games and spend hours a day on the web looking for content. So I don’t really have time to build virtual statues and devices out of three dimensional pixels.

I know there’s more to Minecraft, and somehow, it’s insanely addictive to many, but I just can’t bring myself to devote the time to it, so I will let the games dedicated fans provide me with material.

What you’re about to see is the work of thousands of hours of labor and planning, a series of videos that show elaborate creations in the Minecraft universe. It’s some cool stuff, but even still, I think I’m missing why people are so gaga over this thing. Check out the videos below:

1. Minecraft Rapture


2. Scale Arc de Triomphe


3. TNT Animal Cannon


4. Super Mario 3 Skin


5. Minecraft Earth


6. Starship Enterprise


7. Rollercoaster


8. Minecraft Portal


9. The Reichstag


10. Whoops