Ten of the Best Gears of War 3 Videos So Far

I’m going to wait a while to play Gears of War 3 for myself. I’ve liked the first few games, but I don’t have the urgent need to play it at launch. I’m currently making my way through Uncharted 2 on my new PS3, and that takes precedent over all else at the moment. Even eating and sleeping.

But what I did do was go find some of the best Gears of War 3 videos I could locate as the game kicks into gear. Some are glitches, some are kills, some are random and some are from the beta, but all are generally pretty entertaining if you’re a fan of the game. Check them all out below:

1. Easter Bunny Head


2. Sniper Looking Out for You


3. Noob Finds His Groove


4. Every Chainsaw and Bayonet Kill


5. Two Quads in One Day


6. Landing Infinite Ammo


7. Spawning as a Locust on a COG Team


8. The Candy Maker


9. The Idiot Corpser


10. A Sawed Off Triple Kill


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