Ten Great League of Legends Plays

Since I reviewed it a week or two ago, I’ve been playing a halfway decent amount of League of Legends now that my taste for Starcraft is waning a bit as I’ve accepted my badness.

It’s a pretty fun game, but one that has strategy far beyond my comprehension at the moment.  I appreciate all of you who lent me support about the game, and I thought I’d do another feature about it, this time featuring some cool moments from games by players far more skilled than myself.

I’ve compiled a few videos that have some epic and funny kills, and if you’re a fan of the game, you might appreciate some of them. If not, you probably won’t have a goddamn clue what’s going on.

Level 1 Gank


Epic Backdoor Assault


One Minute Tower Takedown


Some Fun with Skarner’s Ult


1v5 Pentakill


So Many Mushrooms


Fun with First Blood


Double Bomb Teleport


Taric’s Epic Kill


Spin to Win PentaKill


  • Luke

    The Skarner Ult is just a repost of the tower down in a minute video. I’d like to see Skarner!!

  • fixed. and those were all supposed to be embedded, whoops.

  • Hellfool

    if your enjoying the game you could add me. im always willing to show a new player the ropes – Hellfool

  • Levi

    add me – Ganksterr

  • Alex Geronimo

    Awesome, glad to see you’re playing Paul. You should add me – Frank N Stion

  • Alex Geronimo

    Also check out Protatomonster’s videos on youtube. He has some of the best highlight clips I’ve ever seen.

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