Super Mario Warfare


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DeviantArt is quickly becoming my new favorite site on the internet, where the users seem to get more and more creative every day. That’s why we have pictures like “Super Mario Warfare” which puts a modern combat twist on the classic franchise. I think he’s got the Mexican flag on his arm rather than the Italian one, but still, pretty damn awesome. He’s got a bit of a Captain Price look to him, don’t you think? Lab assistant Peach is pretty great as well, though clearly there are NO female characters in Modern Warfare. Ever.

The artist is AgentScarlet, and I feel obliged to request a follow up featuring Luigi, Toad, Yoshi and/or Bowser. Get to it my friend!

  • i used to like DeviantArt but i gave it up when the furries took over.

  • Tony

    That’s a Mushroom Kingdom flag on his arm.

  • Actually, there are some female characters to kill on the airport.


  • T-Bagg

    That is pretty cool. Follow ups required.

  • Ye

    Modern Warfare 1, moments right before you get bombed, you rescue a female pilot.

  • Leo

    is it worth surfing through omg wtf is this amounts of wolf on wolf porn to find such masterpieces?