Super Mario RPG World in Turbo Hi-Res

(click to enlarge)

Well this is officially the first time I haven’t been able to upload something other than a GIF image because the filesize was too big. At 3000 x 3000 pixels, our server said “f*ck off” and so you can view the big version elsewhere if you click through.

It’s a massive portrait of Super Mario RPG World crafted by DeviantArtist ihateyouare. As you zoom in, you’ll see the attention to detail is just insane. I’d love to see him do this for say, Link’s Awakening’s full map, but that might take him the better part of a decade.

  • Greg

    Outstanding. Both this and the Link’s Awakening map.

  • Eften

    Oh, this is epic. This is so win that there’s no place to put it all. Except for on my hard drive.

  • shut up