Super Mario Gets Realistic Audio


How much does sound impact a game? This little experiment will prove that it can change your perception of a title pretty handily.

Someone took Super Mario Bros. and gave it realistic sound effects that you might have heard on any system after Super Nintendo. The result? It’s…strange.

You really do forget how iconic the sounds from your favorite games are. Probably less so these days in titles like Halo and Call of Duty where everything is explosions and gunfire, but definitely from all these retro titles. Though I really enjoy the sound of my silence SPAS-12 snuffing out people on Havana in Black Ops

  • kenyon


  • Jackson Briggs

    This is hardly interesting or worth reading. Less time-waster, filler posts please. Maybe there’s some Dexter holiday special you haven’t reviewed yet. Jay-kaying

  • I wish there was a Dexter holiday special where he tracks down useless internet commenters.


  • Oh come on now…Mario doesn’t sound the manly

  • Carlip

    Sounds like a lot of Serious Sam II in there…

  • Soundguy

    not realistic sound effects at all… maybe not synthesizers yes but definitely not the best possible

  • Kinda like the Mario sound when he jump into the pipe.

  • This has given new meaning to my life. I have been waiting for this for 20 years!

  • A.C.

    How true that last paragraph is about forgetting how iconic sounds were in that era.

    I played Kirby Superstars again on emulator for the first time in awhile and was reminded of how awesome that giant explosion soundeffect for beating the boss was.