Street Fighter IV Femme Fatale Downloadable Costumes


Starting tomorrow (for the Xbox), you can download the Femme Fatale package for Street Fighter IV, which provides new costumes for all the game’s women.  Some aren’t much different, but the new Chun Li and Cammy costumes are hot.  You can watch the video above to check out all the costumes and then decide whether or not it’s worth the Microsoft points just to have a different top above Cammy’s g-string.  For me, if they ain’t showing skin, I ain’t ponying up.

  • 3J

    (Looks at Cammy outfits) …eh.

    (Looks at Chun-Li outfits) …nice.

    (Looks at other two chicks outfits) … …

    (Looks at Sakura’s outfits) …ok …


    (Resolves not to spoil the fun.)

  • G

    How come when you used to work for extra costumes in games they were different, but now that you buy them instead, they’re all exactly the same??

  • dallas daniel hessler junior

    allll sf bades r fione.