Holy Crap, Professional Street Fighter Matches are Intense


I feel like I’m biased toward pro Starcraft matches on the site here, so I wanted to bring in a bit of diversity here today. Behold, the finals of EVO, the biggest Super Street Fighter contest in the country. I’ve long viewed Street Fighter games as a lot of button mashing, but even I realize the skill it would take to compete at the highest levels of the game, which is what you see here.

This is the final set of matches between Justin Wong (Rufus) and GamerBeen (Adon), and things get pretty damn intense, even if you don’t know much about the game. Feel free to skip to the final fight, as it’s the most intense, but there is a large amount of skill on display here.

I do have to say I love my Starcraft announcers (HD and Husky) way more than these clowns. I want to yank the cat out of that one raspy-voiced kid’s throat and slap him with it.

  • Velovan

    Street Fighter pro matches can put on a good show, and unlike SC they’re usually done in under 10 minutes. I recognize Justin Wong (Rufus) because he’s the guy who got obliterated by Daigo in the now (in)famous comeback that got spread over Youtube after Evo 2004.

    If you haven’t seen it, the ending is classic pwnage:

  • the antoine

    you think this is intense.. you should check out some of the pro smash brothers tourneys that go on.. i think theres more skill involved in that.

  • Oh man I’m watching this clip from Evo 2004 since then over and over again, and i still love it. For me it’s the most epic moment in gaming history.
    The Clip above is great too. Ain’t there the finals somewhere to watch?