Street Fighter Cosplay Brightens My Day


I can always count on cosplayers to make me feel better about myself.  Couldn’t perform for the girlfriend last night?  Boss threatens to fire me for the second time in a week?  Father pretends he doesn’t know my name?  All these problems are trivial when I remind myself that I don’t dress up as characters from video games.  After the jump, enjoy a fun gallery of Street Fighter cosplayers to brighten your dark, miserable day, because there’s no way you’re getting what you want for Christmas this year.  I know Santa personally, and he’s a fat, elitist prick.  Why else would the rich kids get the good toys and the poor kids get the crappy toys?


I refuse your offer to approach, but it’s not because I don’t want to fight you.  This looks like the type of guy who isn’t allowed within 1000 feet of elementary schools.


M. Bison wears sneakers for better mobility while fighting.  This Cammy looks like she could probably kick my ass, though.


The look on this kid’s face can only mean that he lost a bet.


Not bad, but that Dhalsim is going to haunt my dreams.  He looks more extraterrestrial than Indian.


Terrible mask.  He would have been better off with a brown paper bag over his head.


I understand that Guile’s hair may not be easy to duplicate, but at least make an effort.

It’s fun to ridicule people’s appearances behind the veil of anonymity!

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