Star Wars Kid for a New Generation


Apparently Playstation Move is out. I had zero idea until right now, as I thought it was coming closer to Microsoft Kinect’s November release date, but I guess they wanted to get a jump on things.

How does it look in action? Well, you can see above. It’s a kid playing a Move game which I thought was a Star Wars title but is actually “Sports Champions,” and he’s getting pretty into it. I’ll admit, it’s slightly more graceful than I anticipated, and he’s certainly got a leg up on the original Star Wars Kid (not being morbidly obese helps), but it’s not exactly poetry in motion, and I can’t imagine playing through an entire game like this. Does it actually require you to do spinning uppercuts in your living room? I probably have a few of those in me, but I’m not about to do that all day long.

Have any of you played with Move yet? I assume it’s better than the Wii, but is it worthwhile? Are the games fun? It just seems like a lot of work for a leisure activity.

  • Cartman86

    lol no it doesn’t require you to do spinning uppercuts. But I’m fascinated if that actually works. I have it so maybe I’ll go try it.

  • Sideshow

    In the reviews I’ve seen so far they say it’s better than the Wii but is limited in the games available so far. Recommendation: don’t invest quite yet, wait for some better titles.

    I doubt it will be long before some better titles arrive. There’s already a free software patch for MAG that supports the move and the new SOCOM is being programmed around the move. Early word is that FPS with the move is fantastic.

  • Denys Marks

    Is that McLovin?

  • Velcro

    This needs to be editted into full-sized lightsabres

  • ROSS

    I got MAG when it came out, and when the patch was released, i decided to get a controller or two and try it out. Its a different way to play, but once i got accustomed to it i had fun. My neighbor has the wii and the motion plus system and the move puts it to shame. The gladiator game is awesome along with the disc golf and table tennis. Volley ball seems to be more of a camera based game, like kinect i guess, but its still fun with multiple people.