Star Wars Kid for a New Generation


Apparently Playstation Move is out. I had zero idea until right now, as I thought it was coming closer to Microsoft Kinect’s November release date, but I guess they wanted to get a jump on things.

How does it look in action? Well, you can see above. It’s a kid playing a Move game which I thought was a Star Wars title but is actually “Sports Champions,” and he’s getting pretty into it. I’ll admit, it’s slightly more graceful than I anticipated, and he’s certainly got a leg up on the original Star Wars Kid (not being morbidly obese helps), but it’s not exactly poetry in motion, and I can’t imagine playing through an entire game like this. Does it actually require you to do spinning uppercuts in your living room? I probably have a few of those in me, but I’m not about to do that all day long.

Have any of you played with Move yet? I assume it’s better than the Wii, but is it worthwhile? Are the games fun? It just seems like a lot of work for a leisure activity.


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