Something I Never Imagined Possible: A Real Life Omni Tool

I thought that yes, people could make Mass Effect armor if they were really talented, but the famous Omni Tool from the game? That would forever remain photoshopped.

But not so, the very talented Chris Myles has crafted this variant out of laser cut translucent acrylic. As you can see, it turned out about as good as you could possibly hope, and it’s even got the blade attachment for ME3.

I never really understood how that worked. Yes, you can press buttons on it as interacting with holograms is possible, but using a hologram as a sharp weapon? That doesn’t make any sense to me at all, but perhaps I’m missing some aspect of how it’s supposed to work. Not that I used it more than twice ever in the game.

More pictures of the Omni Tool below.


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