A Gallery of Wicked Cool Deus Ex Concept Art

There were many aspects of Deus Ex: Human Revolution I enjoyed, and I’ve detailed most of them in a couple thousand words for my review of the game. One thing that stood out above everything though was the incredible design of the world, and subsequently the characters in it.

That’s why I really appreciated this batch of concept art that shows prototypes for most of the major characters in the game, for some reason minus Jensen himself. The blending of metal and machine is gorgeous in most of these, and for those that aren’t all-augments, the clothing style I thought was one pretty forward thinking, as we don’t necessarily all have to be walking around in space suits in the next 20 years.

Check out the full art collection below, and if there are any more pieces in this series, I’d love to see them.

  • h8

    Looks a lot like Metal Gear Solid

  • Limitus

    wasn’t it “fariDah”? anyway, cool pics

  • smuck

    who is farina? 🙂

  • David Lee

    Wow, a guy with a gun arm named Barret… thats about as original as a big black guy covered in jewelry and a mohawk… wait…