Some Supremely Awesome Borderlands Cosplay

(click to enlarge)

Yes, this is happening. At long last, someone decided to cosplay something from one of my favorite games, Borderlands. As half my job is searching for cool costumes, I’ve always been surprised that no one has ever done anything all that cool from Borderlands. Until now.

This is Lisa Foiles, video game enthusiast and Kotaku columnist who decided to go all out this Halloween. For reference for the uninitiated, this is what Lilith looks like in-game, so as you can see, this is a pretty damn good rendition.

Yes, Foiles was flying solo, so there’s no Brick or Mordecai to back her up, but honestly, she can pull it off all by herself. Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures and angles of the costume.

  • whosjohndonut

    nice costume, def one of the best games of the year. looks like shes wielding an atlus made gun

  • hun23

    I remember watching her on “All That” many years ago.
    It’s interesting to see how she has changed mediums.

  • Ben

    The hottest game character, imo. Which is weird, as she is very cartoony and has no personality. But to contrast, my close 2nd sexy collection of pixels has to be Bonnie from Red Dead. I kept hoping I’d get a chance to cheat on my wife with her.

  • Neptuny

    OH. MY. CRAP. I actually remember her from ‘All That’! Holy cow! I just figured every latter day ‘All That’ cast member either got knocked up or faded beyond showbiz’s periphery.

  • trashcanman

    One question:
    Will she marry me?