Some Superb Live Zelda Music


If you’re not like me, and still off work, cuddling up in your new comfy Christmas clothes, you may need something to help aid your relaxation. In that case, I will point you to this duo, who make Zelda music sound so classy, you should be drinking bourbon in a red robe while you listen to it.

It’s ten minutes of various Zelda themes, and at the time I’m writing this, has a 1000 to 6 ratio of people who like it on YouTube. What’s wrong six people? Upset about how shitty Skyward Sword looks? Yeah, me too. Stupid motion controls. But they music is still cool! Or can the Wii even play tracks with multiple instruments in them?

  • vincent_D

    this is awesome, specially because it reminds me of my childhood post-christmas days when i got to play zelda the most since i’ve got it for christmas

  • jebus

    Gotta disagree, this is the best Zelda music ever:

    Also search for the violin guy who does the same song, effing amazing