So You Think There’s Less Customization in Diablo 3?

On the surface, if you don’t understand the new skill system of Diablo 3, you might bemoan the fact that the lack of an actual “tree” means there are less choices for you during the game. But as it turns out, each skill has about five or six “glyphs” attached to it, modifying the skill in significant ways, and it also means there are no prereqs to put skill points into a skill you’re never going to use, just to amplify a different skill later on. In short, you character will be able to spam more than one good move at super high levels.

Between this and item crafting at the blacksmith, I’m convinced that the changes made to the game are definitely going to be good. We can’t let pure nostalgia blind us, and make us think that just because something is changed from a classic game we loved, that the new game isn’t going to work. Yes, often games can end up getting worse with subsequent sequels, but I still have faith in Blizzard as a company that takes a long ass time to get things right, and I think Diablo 3 will be no exception.


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