So Bad Company 2 is the New Modern Warfare 2?


I keep reading on the internet about how everyone’s sick of Modern Warfare 2 after two months because of campers and akimbo shotguns and an endless list of minor gripes. They all say that they’re moving along to Bad Company 2, which you can see demoed in the rather cool music video above. In case you’re wondering just why that song is so awesome, you’re probably having flashbacks to when it was used in the 300 trailer.

I can’t say that I’m blown away by what I’m seeing in the video. Yes, the ability to pilot vehicles like ATVs and tanks is pretty awesome, and I really like the destructible environments, but do the graphics look pretty shitty to anyone else? Modern Warfare looks like real life most of the time, while the textures here look…lackluster.

That being said, I suppose it’s entirely possible that game play is a lot more fun, and I’ll reserve judgment until I get to play it myself. Can anyone out there back up all the hype surrounding this game? Is it worth my $60?

  • illeaturfamily

    I’ll probably skip this and keep playing MW2 until Halo: Reach comes out. Titties!!!!

  • Sverrir Sigfusson

    I think the graphics look really good, especially considering how huge the maps are. I’m looking to try this out before I make a decision if I’ll buy it.

  • Aycee

    I’ve been playing BC2 on the PC for a couple of weeks now since it went to Beta. I have been having a blast playing it. I enjoy the massive size map I have been playing on. BC2 has a style to it that lends to itself that lends to more immersive play then MW2.

  • Headcrusher

    If anyone was interested, the song in the vid is Just Like You Imagined by Nine Inch Nails.

  • jibson

    The original was a superb game, it’s a different experience to MW2, people are a lot less serious, lots more things blow up and the whole game is a lot more fun than Modern Warfare, which can fell rather like an ordeal at times due to the aforementioned campers and people who play it to a ridiculous extent.

    As to the graphics, it is a beta build and it will never beat MW2 because of the huge maps and destructible scenery, the old game’s were worse than Modern Warfare, but with all the activity going on you barely noticed, the sound of the original was also compensatignly epic.

  • JapJay

    This is a very different game from MW2, as noted above by the other posters. I’m a little concerned about how the game may change or be explited by glitches after all the perks and upgrades are unlocked. But, whereas I got MW2 for the multiplayer, I[‘m getting BC2 for the single player.Bad Company 1’s campaign was a lot of fun to play, so the online aspect is just a plus for me.

  • JapJay

    Definitely try out the demo on the 360. It’ll be frustating and confusing at first, but stick with it. Once you get the hang of things, its a lot of fun. Going as a squad qith a few friends makes the experience even more enjoyable. And, unlike MW2, pretty much anything you do in this game feels so satisfying.

    And the sound design is AMAZING. There are very few games that should be played on surround sound and this is one of them.

  • ChanceofFleurys

    im trying to stick with the demo… but your right, its frustrating and confusing!

  • IcemanD

    Can you private chat with your buddies?

    The lack of private chat in MW2 is disappointing (yes, I’m aware you can in ground war, but I can’t stand domination).

    Also, I’m a sucker for destructible environments. I’ll have to try the demo.

  • illeaturfamily

    Ok so I’ll try the demo.

    Also, I think I’m going to end each of my posts with the word “titties.”


  • Inviktus

    Meh, if a large mapped war simulator is what you’re after, go get Armed Assault 2.

    I for one, am completely sick of war games though.

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  • JapJay

    Iceman, yes, you can private chat. I think DICE was going to have it in the game anyways but they made sure to mention that this game has it, while MW2 does not. lol

  • @Iceman

    Yeah what the hell is up with the lack of party chat? What’s the goddamn point of not having that in most game modes? If I’m playing with my buddy I have to go through and mute everybody but him in every lobby we join.

  • JapJay

    Paul, they wanted to curb cheating or exploiting the party system to (I guess) boost and whatnot. They didn’t want people having the ability to communicate and work together on opposing teams. Looks like IW should’ve spent less time on removing this feature and more time on all the other glitches and exploits and shitfest that has happened.

    Good thing they left out party chat, though. That would’ve really ruined things.

  • Tron

    Battlefield BC was an awful game. I bought it in a bargin bin for like $20. and that was too much.

    the A.I. was nonexsistant in that the enemy A.I. ONLY shot at you NEVER your teammates/sqaud soldiers. and your AI controlled teammates NEVER shot a single round at the enemy.

    at least in the COD games you’ll see your AI teammates pick off the occasional soldier or two and the enemy isn’t firing 100% at YOU and ONLY YOU.

    I never realized one soldier on the battlefield was so important that 20+ enemy soldiers and a few tanks were required to focus solely on him to take him out.

    So… unless they’ved fixed the whopping amount of issues from BC I won’t be picking up BC2 (and yes the graphics don’t look that great. Yea i know fanboys graphics DONT make a game. but there’s ‘not amazing graphics’ and then there’s just ‘not on par w/avg. current gen games’ and BC2 doesn’t quite match up in my books).

  • AvTech

    The lackluster video quality actually works well in their favor. Sure it might look a little less “realistic” but in no way does it subtract from the game play. I would rate the online experience just about equal to MW2, and I concur with jibson… It’s more fun than MW2 because people aren’t as serious, and kills are a bit more satisfying… All-in-all I’d say it’s worth the $60

  • Rawr!

    I was not all that impressed with the demo. While the chance to pilot vehicles is really cool and fun and the destructible environments are neat, 90% of the players I have gotten stuck with on xbox live will sit around and “camp” vehicles until they get to pilot them instead of protecting the bomb sites, especially the helicopters. Also the ADS is really difficult with the iron sights. I realize not everything is perfect in demos but i think this is one I may be passing on.

  • Roryos

    In my opinion, Bad Company 2 is MUCH better than Modern Warfare 2. there are many reasons but I think the main being that this game actually requires some sort of skill to play.

    Also I wouldn’t sya the graphics are shit, if you’re playing on PC with all settings on max, the game looks absolutily AMAZING!

  • Xtasis78

    I loved MW2 until I played BC2, both the singleplayer and the multiplayer are fun to play, the graphics are very impressive, the sound design is mindblowing and it has an epic feel almost all of the time. I would say that it is totally worth the 60 bucks.