Smithing Level 100: Real Life Daedric Swords

And stop nerds, I know you’re about to tell me that it’s actually smithing level 90 when you can actually make Daedric swords in Skyrim. But you need to be 100 to improve them to legendary SO THERE.

This is a cosplay-ish project from David Carpenter of He crafted the pair of swords to be pretty much an exact replica of the ones from the game. As I’ve murdered more bandits with these swords than I can count, I’ll testify that they look pretty damn accurate to me.

A video of how he made them is below, and I can’t wait for the first person to make a full armor set. Get on it Carpenter!


  • Clay

    Not to sound like a big nerd but those are the daggers not the swords…lmao

  • SecondTalon

    You need 91 to get them to Legendary. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s this “outside” thing I’m going to try today. I hear it’s fun.

  • BadassCharlene

    Everything I wanted to say has already been posted so you will just have to read this post now. These guys know what’s up ^^

  • DainBread

    Outside? I tried that once. The graphics are awesome, but the gameplay sucks. 🙂 Wicked props by the way.