Five Entertaining Slow Motion Video Game Deaths


I’m not here to preach about the correlation of video game violence to real world violence.  What I can say is that the surge of violence and death in video games is pretty significant.  And if I had to take a guess it’s something that won’t be going away anytime soon.

It’s in our nature to be violent so it’s no surprise that legions of gamers out there get off on this stuff.  So much so that they’re recording deaths they perform in their video game trials, setting these deaths to their own soundtracks, editing them, and posting the video footage on Youtube.

Now, whether these crazy kids get out there and actually kill people is a mystery but it still doesn’t change the fact that these videos are pretty disturbing.

Here are five that I thought were pretty entertaining

Mr. Blue Kills 8 Cops in Slow Motion


WTF.  You gotta love the music.  Steeler’s Wheel.

GTA 4 Headshots in Slow Mo


Anyone who says that video game violence is fine is very very wrong.

Call of Duty 4 – Best Scenes in Slow Motion


The music makes this one awesome.

Battlefield 2 Slow Motion Montage


You’ve gotta be a real sick person to put this thing together.

Crysis Slow Motion Explosions


Again with the music.


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