Shepard’s Eleven – Space Casinos Beware

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Alright, new mission for me. I need to catch up with Mass Effect 2 DLC. I loved the game, and I’ve been putting off playing all the DLC missions forever now, but I don’t like not knowing who people like Zaeed Massani, Kasumi Goto and Donovan Hock are. I’m just going to shell out $20 this week or next and spend a few hours catching up so I’m not behind for Mass Effect 3 this fall.

In the meantime, here’s a rather awesome fan poster from the game inspired by Ocean’s Eleven. I wish that the game would make a mission or two that actually requires you to utilize ALL of your crew in a way that capitalizes on their unique skill sets. No, the final “pick group of three to go do things” mission from the main storyline does not count.


  • Andy D

    The DLC’s are top notch even if they are abit short. The shadow broker DLC is a masterclass in video game pacing.

  • Second to the Shadow Broker DLC! It is pretty wicked, and has a few very interesting sequences in it which took me by surprise compared to the way missions usually rolled out in ME2. The Kasumi DLC is not quite as good, but you do get the bonus of a fun new character, and female Sheppard in a slinky black cocktail dress.

  • Murderbot

    Plus you get a bitchin’ SMG from Kasumi’s mission!