Seven Gigantic End Bosses from the Last Decade of Gaming

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Rock Titan

Hey, look! It’s that game: God of Shadow of the Castlelossus. Man, that game is…contrived.

This is the part where you tell me this is just a shameless God of War and Shadow of the Colossus rip off, and a shoddy one at best. And this is the part where I agree with you. I don’t like this game.

Borderlands 2: Terramorphus the Invincible

He drops a legendary weapon called The Screecher, that gives you handjobs.

I like to mention Terramorphus because some people don’t know about him, and beat Borderlands 2 without having ever beaten him, which makes sense because you kind of can’t beat him until after you kill Jack (unless there is something I did differently and am unaware) and the thing about fighting him is you.will.die.

Heh heh.

Franchises That Deserve A Nod For Big Bosses:

The Dead Space franchise has delivered some massive enemies, and I am sure part three will only up the ante.

Dark Souls is so full of massive hellspawn, I don’t even like to bring it up.

The Lost Planet series is all about giant bosses, though the glowing spots ruin a great deal of the fun of beating them.

You can train it to grab you a beer and shit outside.

Bulletstorm had a few ginormous bosses, and they were all a blast to take down. Hint, shoot it in the balls.

Arkham Asylum and Arkham City had some great bosses, but I am still mad about the “Super Steroid Joker” battle. I hold grudges for awhile. Speaking of grudges….. 

No. Just no.

  • J5

    Speaking of big bosses, isn’t there a Shadow of the Colossus movie being made?

  • Man, if there’s one thing Bayonetta taught me, it’s that angels are disgusting. That was totally my favorite fight, too. Spinning tentacle blades!

    Bayonetta 2 might actually get me to break down and buy a Wii U.

  • shri

    I would add painkiller in the “Franchises That Deserve A Nod For Big Bosses”!

  • H4mas4k1

    Talking about Big Bosses, you should mention “God Finger” from Asura’s Wrath

  • DocDoom

    All awesome battles.

    If you adjust for inflation, you gotta give props to Super Metroid and the fight with Kraid. Being a little kid and all of a sudden taking on a boss that fills TWO screens was bonkers.

  • Banditone

    Fallout 3 – Super Mutant Behemoths.

    When that one busts through a wall at the Galaxy News Radio area I think I pee/pooped a little.

  • I can’t imagine a Shadow of the Colossus movie being good. Maybe as an animated short, but ninety minutes of running up big CG beasts could really suck.
    @ Shri, great call, I was really embattled about that, only because I was trying to keep it primarily new school, but Painkiller might just be my face big bosses. That first level cemetery fight is pants-shittingly awesome.
    Never played ASURA, but have heard great things and intend to.
    Kraid was awesome, and I remember actually being a little scared during the fight, as dumb as that may sound now.
    And Fallout 3, yes. I loved that game and am actually made I forgot that moment. I would just launch grenades and pray it fell before it reached me.

  • HarshReality79

    Uh… The Reapers were bigger than all of these other baddies combined…

  • Damon

    Do you only write lists?

  • Good call on the Reapers.
    @ Damon, go check out my site, that should answer your question with a resounding no. But lists work really well with this site at hitting all demographics of readers.
    For non-lists on this site, I HIGHLY recommend TJ Fink’s wildly creative mind.

  • Jeff

    Just FYI the resistance boss you put in is not Dedalus..that is the Leviathan..and no he wasn’t a very difficult boss…fighting him was more of a matter of completing the level but that didnt make him any less awesome

  • Bimz

    I want to give you a high five for not liking lords of shadow. Being a castlevania, sotc and god of war fanboy I slogged through its shoddy combat and when I reached the part where it ripped off sotc ~half-assedly~ my heart was completely broken I stopped playing. Does it have any redeeming quality? Now that a sequel is coming I’m thinking of giving it another try.

  • Hello

    Daedalus: Resistance 2…

    The picture isn’t Daedalus AT ALL.

  • Wing X Custom

    You can tell the author hasn’t played Dragon’s Dogma, The best! of the Giant Boss fights game this gen.

  • Wing X Custom

    You can tell the author hasn’t played Dragon’s Dogma, The best! of the Giant Boss fights games this gen. Where hanging from a bosses genitals as you hack away at him while he flies through the air is the least worries.

  • AngryAmerican

    Shadow of the Colossus needed more love in this article.