Sesame Street Fighter Returns

street fighter

This isn’t the first time that someone thought to combine Sesame Street and Street Fighter. We’ve seen the concept in action quite a long time ago indeed.

What is curious is that we’re living in a new era where absolutely anything, even random artwork, is Kickstarted. That’s the case here with Matt Crane’s Super Sesame Street Fighter poster.  He set out to raise $1000 so he could print and send it out to those who wanted it. He’s now met his goal with a full seventeen days to go.

Further research indicates this is the same guy from all those years ago. Guess the idea just never left him, and Kickstarter gave him a platform to raise funds and print the thing. Sort of odd, but hey, whatever works I guess. a$20 donation will get you a poster, and more will get you uh, a bulk discount it seems.

  • cypher

    That’s hilarious, I love it.

  • Ted Zancha

    I get that they were both made by Henson, but why am I seeing some Muppets in this picture. Kermit, Ms. Piggy, and Ralph (along with a few others) are throwing me off a little bit.

    However, don’t let my questioning take away from the fact that I think this is awesome.