See What the Actors From Mortal Kombat Look Like Today

While today’s technology in video games is second to none, back in the late 90s it wasn’t so simple to create characters out of thin air.  In fact in many games, especially those that had a lot of characters, models were used so that the creators could come up with body parts, faces, etc etc to make them look more real.  A fine example of this was Mortal Kombat.  Back when Mortal Kombat II was a hit in the arcades, little did people know that real models were used for the characters.

It’s funny to realize that guys like Johnny Cage were actually real and you could have very well run into them on the street not knowing they were some of your favorite characters from video games.  Modeling is rarely used anymore in video games but hopefully some of these folks are still getting a cut of the profits.

Here are 7 Mortal Kombat character models and what they look like today:

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