Save Shaq Fuuuuu!

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So by itself, this picture of a Shaq Fu castle is good enough to post, but even better is the context behind it, as it comes from a website called “” which is trying to save the beloved(?) game from extinction.

Join us, won’t you? Saving Shaq Fu is not as tedious of a process as you may have been informed at other websites. For you see, contrary to popular belief, each copy saved will make you that much more happier. Knowing that a game that was built for your entertainment is living its life to the fullest is one of the best things a man, woman or child could ever ask for.

There are multiple ways to stand strong and save a Shaq Fu. You’ve already taken the first step by visiting this website, and we believe you’re ready to take the second step to Heroism. All you need to do is take a look around your local area. If you happen to come across a used game store of any sort, don’t be afraid, have a peek and see what you can find. Look for any form of a quivering, scared, homeless Shaq Fu and save it.

For the uninitiated, I’ve posted a video of the gameplay below, so you can see if you’ve ever managed to play this game as a child where Shaq time travels to fight Arabs. If you’ve got a copy, contact the site here and do your part to save Shaq Fu, truly one of the most noble causes of our time.


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