Samus vs. Master Chief in the 16-Bit Fighter that Needs to Exist


What you see here is a prototype game called Card Sagas Wars (?) that will inevitably get shut down by the copyright police when it gets too popular.

It’s an 16-bit fighting game that uses some of your favorite video game characters, and makes them duke it out in a title that’s a lot more Street Fighter than Smash Bros.

Above you can see an epic battle between two power armored titans, Samus Aran and Master Chief. Below you can see a few other matchups like Soma vs. Crono and Link vs. Cloud. Very cool stuff here, and I hope through some miracle this comes to XBLA or PSN.

Soma vs. Crono


Link vs. Cloud


  • Guy Incognito

    This is by far the coolest fan made anything I’ve ever seen. I especially love some of the special items/attacks with even more VG characters and the backgrounds are stunning. Is there a website for this or is it just some youtube clips for now?

  • Buddy Lee

    Just looks like chibi characters used from game engines like MUGEN. I have a master chief and two link characters for mugen and I’ve seen a others like samus.

  • Buddy Lee

    ah duh, looked up the website. it is based off the MUGEN engine.

  • nyxaria

    sadly there isnt a playable game or even demo out yet, hopefully they get one out before it gets c&d

  • Kevin

    Man Cloud is way to overpowered and Samus is nowhere near as fast as she is in her games.

  • sheldon

    Nice to see that peoject there. Its an old project being developed in spain by a little group.