Russia Can Make Anything Propaganda, Even Mario


I think I’m kind of missing the metaphor here, but I will admit that this is an awesomely drawn propaganda poster.

What does the monkey represent? American imperialism? Is the woman a symbol of the poor Russian peasants who need the hammer (and sickle) to save them from tyranny?

Sure, we’ll just go with that.

  • J5

    In Mother Russia, barrels smash YOU!

  • Viktor

    Its donkey kong you bloody idiot!!!!

  • Donkey Kong my imperialist brothers!

  • Deodorant

    Although i’m not russian, i have taught myself the writing (not the language though). The text on that poster would be pronounced.. ‘*md*n *nie mfikieo *fja mf*neja ja****d’, with the *’s representing nonexisting characters. I kind of doubt that the artist is russian.

  • I`m Russian/ And I don`t understand what it means/ It`s very American humor.

  • Skrolnik
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  • Guy Incognito

    That’s an ape, not a monkey.

  • Moses

    The fact that it’s not in Russian kinda makes me believe it’s not from Russia.