Rock Out with Your Glock out in Double Kick Heroes

double Kick Heroes

Rock out with your Glock out! Double Kick Heroes pits you and your band of Gundillac riding musicians against hordes of crazed zombies – shoot and kill them before they kill you. As you ride down the highway to hell the bands belts out heavy metal tunes. You will be able to shoot the zombies at specific times within the measure. There is a fret-board at the bottom of the screen that allows you to fire your weapons whenever a yellow dot rolls through.

This is done in rock n’ roll fashion via your kick drums by pressing left/right or Z/X to trigger the guns and destroy the zombies before they reach you. Double Kick Heroes includes a rocking soundtrack to kill your enemies by – so groove to chugging metal and kill some zombies while speeding down the wasteland’s scenic highway.

Download it for free on Majorgeeks!

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