Rock Band of the Future


YouTube filmmaking genius Freddie Wong is at it again, and this time his latest video has nothing to do with stylized gunfights. Imagine that.

Rather, it’s a look at what Rock Band might look like in the future, once we get the hang of the whole hologram thing, and by that point, they’re actually be able to teach us instruments, hooray!

Really, I could see them at least doing it with a keyboard now (minus the holograms), and it would actually let people learn at least relatively basic, cool piano tunes. Get on that Harmonix!

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  • Gir

    rock band 3 is gonna have a 2-octave keyboard with a “pro” option that allows you to actually play tunes. there’s also a guitar with chips in every fret you can buy that actually works as a real guitar when you’re not playing the game. they read your mind…