Reviving the Dreamcast: Cool Concept, Terrible Idea

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So I’ve been sent what I believe to be a school project for an aspiring design student named Elie Ahovi. I’m not sure exactly what the task was, but he’s designed a completely new Dreamcast console system meant to compete with the current console generation. It’s supposed to be the “comeback of SEGA.”

The concept is very cool, and has a number of extremely interesting features within. The design is sharp, and I’d love to see a console like this on the market. But SEGA? Releasing a new console, now? Hah! Even in theory, I can’t help but laugh.

I would argue the market is almost too crowded as is with the PS3 and 360 both jockying for the hardcore audience as Nintendo sweeps up the casuals. The only thing that sets them apart are their respective exclusive franchises, and what exactly would SEGA bring to the table? Sonic (ugh)? Power Stone? Alright, I might like that one.

Anyway, though this will never happen, it’s fun to dream, and a full breakdown of the concept console is below, along with the artist’s descriptions of the specifics.

“The insight of the project was really to take the best of the 90’s Dreamcast and then re-interpret it to make a new game console inspired by the old one.

That’s why, work on the controllers and a new multiplayer experience was obvious!”

“The Disc driver allows a full backward compatibility with games of the first generation. All the new games will be fully downloadable on internet.

Thanks to its network connectivity, the Dreamcast [Delta] will recognize phones, touchscreen tablets, smartphone for young gamers but also regular wireless controllers for true casual and hardcore gamers if needed.

Everyone needs their phones to do things more appropriate than play;  that why, there is a fast inductive charging system on the top of the Dreamcast [Delta]. An adatative and universal case is provided with the game console to adapt to every device and accelerate the charging. We can now play and then recharge our smartphones easily.”

“Size: Length x Width x Height = 200mm x 188mm x 40mm    (technical plans on first page)

Nowadays, it’s sometimes difficult to plug our game console to our tv because all the connections are behind the device. We generally turn the game console, hold it in a risky way and move the furniture.

Thanks to this new shape, we could have more space to connect the game console without moving it.

In the same way, electronic devices are sometimes hidden in furniture or under other equipment, forbidding air circulation.

Thanks to the triangular shape, the elevated silver foot, the elevated top surface and this huge perforated side create a powerful air flow all aroud the Dreamcast”

“Brand Identity Design:

Delta means 4 in greek. I wanted the name and the shape to be closely link in order to have a heavy impact on the market.

4 also means go further than the market.

Nowadays, the names are around the number 3 (PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo “Wii” 3 letters…)

I wanted the Dreamcast [Delta] to be the first one of a new generation; just like in the past….”

  • Nick

    I just want Shenmue 3 🙁

  • Tim

    Oh Dreamcast, you went away too early. And did so many things first. Anyone ever look up that video of the guy playing Virtua Tennis with motion controls on Dreamcast by using the Bass fishing reel controller? Amazing that we could have played that as far back as 2000.

  • random

    tihs wont happen, sega isnt as big as it was in the 90’s, plus the market would be adult gamers because kids wont have memories of the genesis or dreamcast

  • James

    One of the best things about the Dreamcast was the controller. Its still the most comfortable one I’ve ever used

  • Jim Lahey

    I loved and still do love the Dreamcast. I definitely like it better than the newest consoles. It was Sega being stupid and releasing it a year before the other consoles that did them in. The dreamcast has the same processing power as PS2 and xbox, but the simple decision to lead the market ruined them, along with not getting third party support.

    It looks like Nintendo might be pulling a Sega nowadays (which is ironic since Sega makes games for Nintendo), since they can’t get third party games for the Wii to save their lives.

    • as140

      No, the Dreamcase was clearly weaker than it´s competitors. Because it launched in fact over two years before Gamecube, XBox and PS3.

  • Dzuksi

    Shenmue games – now they were revolution of gaming. Epic epic games

  • AetherMcLoud

    Oh the dirty dirty things I would do if only I could get to play a Shenmue 3…

  • I have to disagree with the writer’s conclusion. This is a terrific concept, and I enjoy seeing this student’s hard work and dedication. As soon as I get the venture capital money, I’ll give him a call, hehe.

    The one critical mistake, however, lies in attempting to “compete” with the existing game industry. Sega has no chance of trying to be the next Sony or Microsoft; the premise fails to understand why those companies entered the video game market, and where they wish to evolve in the coming years. Besides, there is no future for traditional video games with Sony and Microsoft. They’re evolving into “set-top” media systems.

    Nintendo follows the beat of their own drum, and it’s been extremely successful for them. They know how to protect their brand, the understand that their strength lies in controlling their own hardware, just as “going third party” would completely destroy their company. This is what has happened to Sega (although Sega was forced out for financial reasons). With billions of dollars of cash in the bank, Nintendo doesn’t need to conform to any trends.

    I like the Dreamcast Delta design, it’s well thought-out and gives me a lot of good ideas. It seems closest to Apple TV, so don’t be too quick to dismiss it. You may see something very similar to this box in the near future, either from Apple or Google.

    As for Sega, their legacy lies not in the future, but in their past. Unlike Nintendo, they have squandered and diluted their brand and their legacy. If they wish to have any future, they need to get that back. How do we achieve this? Ahh, hehe…good question.

    Anyway, thanks for the article!

  • Mike

    Hmm, I could see the next Nintendo system looking something like then (except it won’t because Nintendo already has plans for their upcoming failure of a system *sigh* Which is shame because I grew up loving Nintendo).

    My poor Wii has been collecting dust for years. In fact, the only reason I even use my PS3 is for Netflix and watching Blu-Ray and DVDs. I am hoping that some of the upcoming future titles might bring me back into playing console games.

    However to be honest any and all games I do play now are purely on my PC. MMOs and the occasional FPS style game (Boarderlands 2 atm) are just best left to the PC.

  • as140

    lol, no way are PS3 and XBox 360 gamers more “hardcore gamers than Wii gamers.