Are Retro Games Making a Comeback?

There is no doubt that the newest consoles and games like the Assassin’s Creed series are fantastic with their free-roaming gameplay and in-depth storylines. However, more and more gamers are turning back to old-school retro games for their kicks. Whether this is a reaction against the rapid advance of modern technology or plain nostalgia is an interesting question, but one thing is for certain: retro games are now back in fashion once more.

The retro game revival

As reported by ABC news, retro gaming has made a big comeback in recent years, and there appear to be two reasons behind this trend. The first reason is that video game companies have cleverly either re-developed or repackaged retro games for the contemporary audience. In much the same way as old film franchises are bought back to life, developers have kept enough of the old game intact whilst adding new twists to make it relevant again.

The second reason is the influx of older gamers and people who have tired of the overly complex and time-consuming new games who are now flocking to retro games. The nostalgia hit you get from playing a game from your youth and the simplicity of having a game that is easy yet quick to play are both highly attractive features.

Online casino sites cashing in on retro

A great variety of casino sites are offering online games right now. In order to grab a share of the retro game market, many of these casino sites have incorporated various retro design elements into the games they offer.

In addition to loyalty schemes and free spins, this has allowed them to attract new customers and keep existing ones who like the themes and variety of games they offer in this vein. Slot machine games such as Monopoly, Wheel of Fortune and Monty Python have made comebacks thanks to customer demand. In addition to the memories from the past that playing these games brings to people, it also appears that many gamers feel they simply offer better playability than some of their modern counterparts.

Will the retro comeback last?

As with all trends, it is difficult to say how long this will stick around. However, in the current climate, retro shows no signs of going away. The release of Nintendo’s Classic Edition NES retro console sold out moments after it went to market at the end of 2016, which shows that the demand is strong. As long as the customer appetite is sufficient, there should be no slowdown in the foreseeable future.

The current revival of retro games certainly suggests they have made a comeback in a huge way. Modern gamers are looking for them to provide a quick blast of fun and playability along with humor that they can’t get from the latest games. After all, if you’re pushed for time, you will probably prefer a quick blast on the classic Streets of Rage as opposed to something more complex and involved.