When the Hell Did Red Dead Redemption Get so Awesome?


I vaguely recall the original Red Dead Revolver for the PS2, but I don’t remember anything about it standing out specifically. You were a cowboy, you could shoot people, it was OK since it was by Rockstar. All that appears to be about to change however, as the sequel, Red Dead Redemption looks to be practically a new game entirely, moving to an open world format causing many to call it “The new, western Grand Theft Auto.” But I suppose it would have to be Grand Theft Horseback. Get it? Because it’s old.

This four minute preview of the game has me completely sold on it, as I can’t think of anything cooler than tracking down and hogtying outlaws, robbing trains and shooting bears in the face. I’m a sucker for any open world game, but this looks like something completely different we haven’t seen before, and I’ll be looking forward to April 30th now for sure.

  • JZ

    I am actually disappointed the game got an open world environment. It was a great game for the ps2 and I was really looking forward to the sequel. But I cant dedicate myself to open world GTA type games, so I will be skipping this one unfortunately.

  • ryan

    Gun 2

  • James

    Holy FUCK that looks awesome

  • Warren

    I agree it does look awesome but marketing videos always make things look great. Regardless I’ll likely buy it when it comes out and I wasn’t planning to before I watched that.

  • inviktus

    I hope this comes out on PC