Realistic Minecraft is a Whole New World to Explore

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Behold Minecraft fans, I have found your new wallpaper.

Despite everything I’ve heard about it, I have yet to actually play Minecraft to see what all the fuss is about. My biggest issue is that it sort of seems like a big timesink with no real purpose to it. I’m not going to spend hundreds of hours crafting a life size replica of the USS Enterprise, but I’d probably be pumped to even build a house with a roof.

The above picture shows what it might be like if Minecraft lost its blocky signature look and used actual real world textures in the game. Looks cool, but sort of destroys the concept.

Is Minecraft worth my time to play?

  • no.

  • You should try it, Paul. Especially now that the Adventure Update just came out. Granted, if you need direction from the game, you’re out of luck. I think part of it is to have a project in mind and the other is just explore, mine, and craft. Its a big Lego set and fun.

  • Hopton

    As Japjay said, it’s just a big lego set. If you liked legos as a kid, you’ll like this.

  • Requateer

    Yes. Yes it is, Paul.

    It’s very much worth it.

  • I didn’t really care about it either, especially after I tried the free “Classic” mode… which only shows you a little about how the graphics look, how to move your character, and how the world (and caves) are created…. and sucks.

    But then I bought the Humble Indie Bundle pack 3, and they threw in a couple of weeks to try the “full” game, and I got sucked into it.

    At first it’s “explore, survive, (From what? not sure…)… try to build a house”. You feel all alone and are not sure what to expect. Then you start learning how to build tools and stuff. Then you explore some more. Then you do a little reading (just a little; surprise is part of the joy) to build more useful things… gather bravery to explore a little further… Then you imagine you could add a balcony to your house… but you need to go gather resources.. then you add a waterfall… you discover you can make sort of electrical circuits, which makes you think of ways you could capture and kill monsters… It sucks you in!!

    Either if you’re trying to build a house, or exploring to find the materials, or trying to build monster traps, or just walking around to see what you find, how far can you go or how deep can you get without getting lost… It’s quite entertaining.

    Pointless? Many games are pointless or not, depending on your point of view. I’d say it has the Creation part of many SimCity-like games plus the Exploring of say, Zelda games.

    Try to get a free trial period somewhere (or I’m not even sure if you could actually download the game –Beta, not Classic– for free) and see yourself.

  • Oh, and there are some Texture patches to change the appearance of the game, and once I saw one that made it look *almost* like this picture….

  • anon

    Considering how cheap this game still is, I think you should shell out
    and grab a copy before it gets officially released, and the price goes up.

    Minecraft is definitely worth playing, but it really depends on what kind of gamer you are.

    Minecraft is not an amusement park. It does not tell you how to enjoy yourself. It’s a sandbox, in every sense of the word.
    If you enjoy free form play, if you like to invest time for a reward
    you will like it.

    If you prefer a more structured (amusement park) gaming experience where you go on the ride and have your regulation amount of fun, then you probably won’t get into MC.

    Vanilla singleplayer minecraft does get boring, but there is a vibrant multiplayer community dedicated to this game, and when you add community made mods into the mix, what you have is a game with nearly limitless potential. Besides that, playing MC
    with others is just something everyone should experience.
    It WILL hook you πŸ˜›

    I highly recommend you give it a go Paul.

  • Sargentotaz0

    Unless you spend most of your time saving children from starvation, it’s worth it… like any other game or hobby.

  • If only minecraft was actually like this xD ha, I’ve just got my free minecraft premium account so im’a be playing 1.8 all day πŸ˜‰ if any of you wanna have a go at winning one as well πŸ™‚

  • Sams

    It’s fantastic with a few mates in multiplayer, exploring and building stuff. On my own I’d probably have got bored quite quickly.

  • Ant2206

    I’d love to see a Minecraft diary on here.

  • stimp

    Minecraft: complete and utter waste of time. Very disappointing, very overrated.

  • Sushi Nao

    Oh my god, yes. The design decisions are brilliant, and the systems and economy work together in more complex ways than I think I’ve ever seen before. You could certainly do with waiting for the main release, as there’s no story or narrative pressure at the moment, but the desire to build and explore just for its own sake is more than sufficiently inspired within you to keep you playing for several months.

  • Understand

    what the fuck, you haven’t played minecraft and yet you consider yourself some kind of nerd?

  • Me

    All in all minecraft IS a waste of time, but its also good, don’t misunderstand. It gives you a chance to create a large portion of anything you can imagine (with some limitations) but for the average person (who usually is busy n has a life, or in some of our cases, classes, or more involved gaming) its only there for when you have NOTHING else to do ( I played it myself while watching through different TV series , and came up with a massive skyscraper, a snowman with crazy glowing eyes, pirate ship, pyramid , a glass sea and a failed eiffel tower.) All in all its good for a laugh and killing some spare time, but its nothing with getting excited over or spending money on tbh.

  • H

    All games are a waste of time. Whatever time you spend playing a game could have easily been used finding a pretty girl, making more money, and even getting in shape.
    That being said, I love games πŸ˜€
    Minecraft has provided me and my friends with loads of fun and was very worth it.

  • domin8r

    I think Minecraft is the best waste of time I’ve encountered in a while πŸ™‚

    And for something with no real target it’s damned addictive!

  • Joe

    this title is very misleading.

  • James

    “My biggest issue is that it sort of seems like a big timesink with no real purpose to it.”

    If you take it with that mindset, you could reconsider nearly everything you do as being just as ‘meaningless’. In the end, we’re just food for worms anyway. And with that regard, aren’t all games a timesink with no true purpose (besides that of personal entertainment)? It’s just easier not to think like that.