Real Life Portal Space Core has a Secret

I always like seeing video games come to life, and there are special bonus points when it happens to be Portal as the featured title. Here we see an exceptionally well rendered version of the Space Core, which has become immortalized in video game lore for yelling one word (“SPAAAAAACE”), but we do love our catch phrases don’t we?

But this creation is not without it’s secrets, and all is not what it would seem. Feel free to try and guess the twist, but I’ll meet you after the jump if you really want to know.


Yes, that’s right, the Space Core is 100% edible, crafted by Mike’s Amazing Cakes. The fact that this is Portal related creates an additional layer of fun now that we learn the cake was not a lie, and in fact in Chell’s reach the entire time. If only she thought of taking a bite out of the Space Core before she launched it into orbit.

  • Kristoph

    How 😐

    Would have not enjoyed picking up the bill for that as well.

  • tuffy

    that looks tasty

  • Jim Lahey

    Didn’t you make a big deal about how you were only going to post that one video game cake a couple weeks ago so you didn’t end up like kotaku? I don’t mind or anything, it just seems like you shouldn’t lash out at their love of video game cakes when I have been seeing more and more on this site…