Real Life Mario Kart – The Best Version Yet


Oh Freddiew, how I’ve missed you. The John Woo of YouTube is back and he’s NOT doing something with automatic weapons fire for a change. Rather, he’s decided to bring a round of Mario Kart to life, something I’ve seen tried before, but of course Freddie is going to do it better.

It really is something how he crafts all these on what has to be a pretty small budget, and someone really needs to get this kid a job in Hollywood stat. My only complaint is the distinct lack of the most unfair weapon in video game history, the blue shell.

  • jaromir

    Yeah def cool vid but I still find Rémi GAILLARD parody better.

  • Andrew C

    Actually, Freddie and Brandon (the other guy behind the channel) did work in Hollywood for a while. When Freddie got out of film school he worked in some Hollywood company (don’t know which). He said the film industry really wasn’t what he expected it to be, people took things (and themselves) too seriously, etc.
    He mentions some/most of it in this interview here:

  • el_terrible

    Yeah Remi’s is better, not only because he wore the freaking mario costume, but he was actually out on the road with real danger.
    Sure this is more cinematic, and the effects are better, but the heart isn’t there

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