Real Life Buster Sword Not Actually the Legendary Weapon You’d Expect


Some intrepid fools decided to craft a real life Buster sword from Final Fantasy VII. No, not a cosplay replica, an actual metal sword that you can mess shit up with.

But as devastating as it could potentially be, the problem is wielding the behemoth, and even the incredibly jacked cameraman can barely hold the thing upright, and only has the power to destroy a wooden pallet after about ten minutes of swinging.

Find someone who can swing that thing around like it weights ten pounds, and you’ve got yourself a wicked weapon, but short of gamma radiation or a Kryptonian visitor, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

  • Jake

    Nothing like two homeless people creating a FFVII replica sword.

    That being said, they did a sweet job.

  • sepirothpk

    Or some mako infusion. That should fix their problems

  • matt

    Can i buy that? I would def. pay nice money for that shit.