Real Life Assassin’s Creed Blade Way Awesome, a Little Disconcerting


If you’re like me, after playing through an Assassin’s Creed game, any time you’re out in public you’re always thinking about how much faster it would be if you could just run on the roof, and if you were to be chased by the cops, which group of people you would go and try to blend in with.

But some people took things a step further, and one guy actually fashioned a hidden Assassin blade in the same style that both Ezio and Altair use in the games. It retracts and springs out with the pull of a string attached to a ring, and it’s a real-life manifestation of one of the cooler, subtler video game weapons out there.

And now, for his next trick, the gentleman will be building and testing a DaVinci flying bomber.


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