Queen of the Iron Fist Tournament: The Final Four

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This is it. After this week we’ll be down to only two out of thirty two competitors, and we’ll have our winner soon after that. These four badass chicks have clawed their way to to the top over some very worthy competition. I present to you, the Final Four:

Fight 1: Kasumi (Dead or Alive) vs. Cammy (Street Fighter)

Though they can be rendered in a million different forms, each of these girls is hot in their own right. Kasumi bangs and boobs vs. Cammy’s braid and ass. It’s a tough call. In this round however, I think the final Dead or Alive contestant must be sent home. Cammy’s just too original to be counted out not, and will get her shot at the title next week.

Winner: Cammy

Fight 2: Taki (Soul Calibur) vs. Nina Williams (Tekken)

This entire competition Taki’s been one of the only girls who hasn’t needed to bathe in cleavage revealing outfits. However, that’s because she wears spandex that’s so tight, I’m surprised her lungs continue to function. Nina has triumphed over an avalanche of pretty blond girls, but today she falls to the breast-ninja that is Taki. It was quite an experience for her to even get this far, and I’m sure she’ll be next year for even more.

Winner: Taki

Well, we have our final matchup: Street Fighter‘s Cammy vs. Soul Calibur‘s Taki. Tune in next week for the exciting finale of the Queen of the Iron Fist Tournament.


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