Queen of the Iron Fist Tournament: Smokin’ Sixteen – Western Conference


(View the tournament standing pages here, along with all of the first round fights here)

Well we finally nailed it down to the Smokin’ Sixteen here at the Queen of the Iron Fist Tournament. It’s been a hard fought battle thus far, and we’ve left many hot corpses along the way. Wait, that sounds bad.

This week we’ve got the entire Western Conference survivors going head to head, and there are some heated matchups you don’t want to miss.

Fight 1: Kasumi (Dead or Alive) vs. Jam Kuradoberi (Guilty Gear)

kasumi v jam

Both are very hot, don’t get me wrong, but Jam’s absurd amount of hair is starting to wear on me. It’s so long it’s almost homeschool length, Know what I mean? Give it a trim and come back next year babe.

Winner: Kasumi

Fight 2: Sophitia (Soul Calibur) vs. Felicia (Darkstalkers)

sophitia v felicia

Felicia has often been a fan favorite, but her whole erotic cat schtick can’t compare to the absolute pure hotness of Sophitia. No I’m not biased because one is 2-D and the other is 3-D, I swear!

Winner: Sophitia

Fight 3: Sarah Bryant (Virtual Fighter) vs. Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers)

sarah v morrigan

Sorry Sarah, you’re starting to blend in with all the other tall blonde chicks, even with you’re little S&M outfit there. And Morrigan? Well, she’s still a hot vampire with her boobs hanging out, and there ain’t no one elsewho can say that for themselves.

Winner: Morrigan

Fight 4: Cammy (Street Fighter) vs. Christie Monteiro (Tekken)

cammy v christie

This one really comes down to are you in the mood for sweet and light or total kickass. And I have to say I’d rather have Cammy wipe the floor with me than have Christie give me Tango lessons.

Winner: Cammy

Well that’s all she wrote for this week, Now with the competitors falling left and write, we’re moving through the stages more quickly. Next week we have the Eastern conference which you undoubtedly will not want to miss. Ivy? Tina? Nina? Oh my!


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