Queen of the Iron Fist Tournament: Elite Eight – Western Conference


(View the tournament standings and all the previous fights here).

The field of competitors has narrowed from 32 to eight, and the competition has never been more fierce. Now that we’re in the final stages, there will only be two fights a week. This time we have four epic competitors, and it’s sad to see any of them go.

Fight 1: Kasumi (Dead or Alive) vs. Sophitia (Soul Calibur)

kasumi v sophitia

Kasumi’s got a bitchin’ hair color and a great rack. Sophitia’s got a “goddess frill” (read: miniskirt) and also a great rack. Both Dead or Alive and Soul Calibur have two and three contestants each in the Elite Eight respectively, which is a testament to their respective games. But when all is said and done only one can prevail, and today it’s Kasumi. It’s painful for me to send Sophitia home in this stage, as I’ve had a virtual crush on her since I was a preteen and saw her on the Soul Blade arcade game, but Kasumi just has that little something extra that pushes her over the top.

Winner: Kasumi

Fight 2: Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers) vs. Cammy (Street Fighter

morrigan v cammy

This is another tough one, but I have to say right off the bat that Morrigan has been sailing past the competition based largely on her cleavage, which can barely be described as cleavage as it’s more just like “boob spillage.” Cammy is tough, she’s got leg paint, she’s got a unitard thong, and she’s got a scar. In this round she kills the vampire, not with a stake, but with hotness.

Winner: Cammy

Who would have thought our two cover girls (see the bracket) would bite the dust in the same week? Next Saturday we’ll have the other half of the Elite Eight, where you should definitely expect some upsets.

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