Pro Player Decimates Starcraft II Opponents Using Only Queens

A while ago I wrote a post giving my own noob-ish advice on how to be better at Starcraft 2 that included a lot of basic advice. Well, as it turns out, you shouldn’t listen to me, you should listen to Destiny.

Destiny is a guy who has a livestream going during the day where people watch him play, or teach others how to. He’s pretty damn funny, and his latest experiment is the best thing I’ve seen him do.

In order to prove a point about how being good at macro and mechanics is all you need to be a solid player, he logged onto another account and played 14 games against lower level opponents going only mass Queens, which are not meant to be an offensive unit. His point was that he was so good at the basic mechanics of the game that it didn’t matter what his opponents did, he would steamroll them even using this strategy.

It’s pretty much a video game equivalent of like LeBron sames beating you at 1v1 with one arm tied behind his back. Fans of the game will surely appreciate this video series, and even non-fans will probably get a sense of what’s going on. Check out as many videos as you want from the stream below.

Game 1


Game 2


Game 3


Game 4


Game 5


Game 6


Game 7


Game 8 (Part 1)


Game 8 (Part 2)


Game 9


Game 10


Game 11 (Part 1)


Game 11 (Part 2)


Game 12


Game 13 (Part 1)


Game 13 (Part 2)


Game 14 (Part 1)


Game 14 (Part 2)


  • Gah, i was writing a long thing and realized it just made me look like a huge raging nerd. Here’s the bullets:

    -He’s only able to pull this off because of insanely good micro (the opposite of what he’s trying to prove).

    -He gets his ass stomped in game 12 by a silver league player.

    -He maybe be overstating it, but it’s true that good macro goes a long way.

    Also, Paul I thought your guide was pretty spot on.

  • tissmekyle

    i think if the tanks in any of these matches were to focus fire and not give him time to transfuse the queen then there would be a higher chance of victory.

  • makes a lot of sense. I get f**ked up whenever I run into better players online.

  • Bob

    I fail to see how this would prove any point at all. Great players will usually beat amateurs, even with handicaps. This isn’t new, unexpected, or educational.

  • Breau

    Bob, the point he’s making is that before anything else, you have to get a solid grasp of the fundamentals of the game, namely solid economy management and good unit control. Many low-level players think in order to improve they should think deeply about strageties, counters, deception and whatnot, but the truth is before you can effectively strategize in this game you need to have the basics down. A good strategy is worthless if executed poorly and a terrible stragety (such as mass queens) will win if executed flawlessly against players who make basic mistakes. That’s his point and I think it’s pretty educational for everyone who wants to improve at SC2.

  • Apollo

    Hi, I’m a master league sc2 player. These videos are amusing, but prove _nothing_. He obliterates his own point by smurfing – the coward’s way out. Everybody knows a higher level player can use _any unit_ to kill people who are several leagues lower. This destiny guy is good, but I’m not so enamored with him so as to be impressed with queen play that any diamond could execute (and rape bronzes with).

  • noladude

    The very first vide I’m pretty sure he states ‘this guy must be in diamond…’ /ut who knows, I have ears. This dude would embarass each one of you talkin ur smack on this board lol

  • Reynard Fox

    OMG, Freaking nerds! Hint – If you know what the difference is between what a Micro and a Macro is, you may no longer reference yourself as being “alive”. That is too say, you’ve no life.

  • TheVision

    Wow, is it just me or do all nerds sound the same ? There is always the one whos really good or whatev and is a complete ass to his buddies and then there is all his tool friends, just listen to these guys!! 100 $ says all of them have never made it with a girl who isnt fat, goth, or into hello kitty. As for the game, just as in almost any game PRO BEATS NOOB DURRRR

    P.S ReynardFox, have you ever been to college buddy? Micro and macro economics is pretty important, that is to say the whole structure of our country relies on the difference!

  • Apollo

    noladude, Reynard Fox, and TheVision, you are all morons.

    noladude: I openly challenge the cliche-named “Destiny” to use mass queens on me and win. I’m a master league terran and would decimate this strategy.

    Reynard Fox & TheVision: Your logic is so horrendously twisted and fallacious that speaking to you feels like a waste of time. However, it is a crime for your stupidity to go unpunished, or at least to go without a response. You assert that by knowing an _extremely_ elementary concept, that one may have learned in both economics classes as well as starcraft, that one is no longer “alive”. How can you be sure that we aren’t all vastly more intelligent than you and only placed a few careless hours in the game to easily assimilate these basic concepts? How can you be sure that anyone with a hobby doesn’t have a vastly richer and more enjoyable life than you in every single way? How can you be sure that we don’t all have a girlfriend, a great job, a great future, and an excellent physique?

  • I hate this person. I hate them out of sheer jealousy.

  • Hm

    Well, this tactic is good, but the guy who “invented” it is Day9 (you can google him) during one of his “Funday Mondays”…

  • AmberIsisP

    Wow. This kinda blew my mind. I don’t play Zerg very often, so I know less about that then Terran and Protoss, but it was pretty sweet 🙂

    And “Raynard Fox” is obviously 12 kinds of naive. Our whole country is run on that stuff dude. Wiki it, I promise it’ll help you.

    OMG. “TheVision”, not to mention you have a stupid name, but are you kidding me?! I’M a chick and all I’m gonna say is that you’re an asshole. Point blank. Betcha YOU haven’t made it with any girl who has BRAINS. Sucks for you! (And I’m not even one of those types of girls you mentioned, so you can’t say I’m just offended. Lol.)

  • Moose

    You guys don’t get it at all. We all know a pro can beat a noob using shit strats… The point that he is proving is WHY a pro can beat noobs.

    It’s not because of some killer build
    It’s not because of some map expoit
    It’s not because he has good scouting

    He is making a point, and that is above all else, before you get to diamond, all the rest of the stuff is pointless if you don’t have good mechanics.

  • Apollo

    Moose, we do get it. It’s just not that devastating or impressive. It’s elementary, obvious, and already known.

  • Ale


    Perhaps known to you, but did you watch the videos? Did you hear what he said and pinpoint his motive? He’s expressing his desire to coach players who have established their “basic core mechanics” because apparently he’s not about teaching the basics.

    His message was clear, but I don’t think it provided new players with good alternatives. The message seemed to be “Just practice these mechanics in ladder or practice games” but some people want to pay someone to teach them the basics.

    In my opinion, he was just tired of being forced to coach by CatZ because he has lousy work ethic and issues committing so he had a sudden urge of impulsiveness and didn’t really think this through.

    But that’s just what I think because of how it all played out.

  • Alex


    Dude, micro /is/ mechanics. Mechanics is how good you are at controlling your mouse/keyboard. Its the opposite of strategy, which is unit composition and counters. What Destiny is trying to prove is that noobs don’t need to worry about strategey, that you can win with pure mechanics. Which includes micro AND macro.

  • Nice article, but not very impressive because i already know all these things. But yes, this is will be helpful of all new comers.

  • zoroaster

    good vid for newcomers to sc2. any decent player above gold could probably beat this strat. but thats not the point he’s trying to make.