It’s already the perfect picture, but when you throw a Pikachu costume in there? A whole new level of awesome.

I think the only possible acceptable explanation for this would be if Mr. Chu was tripping on LSD, as then the colors and sounds of Guitar Hero would in fact be much more interesting than three girls humping each other up against the wall. Odds of this being true – 1:90.  Odds of him being a huge nerd who instead cuddles a pillow with an anime character on it every night – 3:1.

However, I feel bad making fun of him, so I’m going to go ahead and introduce him to one of these girls. Enjoy the rest of your lives together.


  • Madison

    What is in those bottles on the table??

  • Lagrange

    these bottles look like from a lucas arts game.
    “Take the green bootle. Use with cup. Take the yellow bottle…”

  • Zarquon

    The girls look rather young actually. 14 tops. He, on the other hand, looks 18-20.

    Perhaps one of the girls is his little sister, in which case it is more than normal that he looks away