Portal Wedding Proposal Will Go Down in Nerd History


I’ve come across a lot of geeky marriage proposals in my time running this site, but I have to say out of all them, this might be my favorite. And by “favorite” I don’t mean I would ever, ever do it, but I respect the process as wow, for what it is, this is really well done.

A man enlisted the help of a talented Portal level designer to craft an elaborate set of stages that his girlfriend would play and would ultimately lead her to a final question. The levels are rather excellent in themselves, but what’s more intriguing is how he got GLaDOS to help. Is there some sort of synthesizer where you can type in anything and make her say it?

In any case, watch the full video above and see how nerd love works. For science.

  • Aki

    My understanding is that is Ellen McLain (GlaDOS’s voice actress) also enlisted to help on this project.

  • Hopton

    yeah, he actually got Glados’ voice actress, Ellen Mclain to record stuff for this wedding proposal. Pretty awesome 😀

  • Deadhours

    I’ve done a few shows with Ellen McLain in Seattle and she strikes me as the sort of actor that would help out with something like this.

  • Reynaldo Kamal Cruz

    Jesus Christ your syntax and grammar in the first sentence of the second paragraph are horrendous. Editor much? What the fuck does “A man enlisted the help of a talent Portal level designed to crated an elaborate set of stages his girlfriend would play that would ultimately lead her to one final question” mean?

    Learn how to write for fucks sake.

    That said, I do have you in my bookmarks, and I have been drinking heavily.

    Overall, thumbs up.

  • @Reynaldo

    Yeahh that was pretty bad. Was in a rush.

  • thenottakenname

    Now that you’ve changed it I just feel like he’s a drunkard and doesnt know what he’s on about ahaha.

    Also, this video was wicked, although I was hoping there was some kind of GLADoS voice tool so I could just make her say everything for me… what a great answering machine message I could have.

  • Bam1981

    If you are interested you can read about the whole wedding here, enjoy