Pokemon Turns 20: The Players Get Presents

New Pokemon #DS


Remember 20 years ago? That feeling of rushing to the game store or running back home to get your hands on  Pokemon Red or Blue (or both)? Good times, right? Well the feeling will soon return. On February 27 there will be a new version of the latest Nintendo 3DS console available for purchase. The new system will come in two colors with a different starter Pokemon featured on the front and back.

One will be blue and for Blastoise  and the other will show be red and sport Charizard both with their original photos from the old game and the original pokedex. These aren’t the only pieces of Pokemon swag that will be coming out in celebration of the 20 year anniversary. The Pokemon Company released a video on YouTube displaying a number of great products that are soon to come. This includes the two-player fighting game, Pokken Tournament. It may be a little early to say, but it is still feels appropriate to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY POKEMON!!! And thanks for the presents.

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