Pokemon: The Next Generation

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What’s that? I’ve been slacking on the Pokemon posts? Yeah it’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything Pokemon, Portal, Star Wars or Christina Hendricks it seems. WHAT HAS UNREALITY BECOME?

Just kidding, we’re still awesome. I’ve just been waiting for the right piece, and this reboot of Pokemon is it.

All of us who were fans of the games as kids have grown up, but unfortunately the game hasn’t grown up with us. It’s still aimed at the age we USED to be, and has done nothing to attract us now that we’re older.

A new anime show with grown up leads could go a long way to help out with that issue. Here artist NTDevont shows a new style of animation that could suit a grown-up show, and hints that the content might be more mature. I mean, Totodile is waving a thong around.

Nintendo, realize that your biggest fans have grown up.


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