Playstation’s Cryptic Announcement Trailer, Which Really Isn’t All That Cryptic


Sony has released the above video along with an announcement of a “big event” schedule for February 20th which has my invitation lost in the mail, it seems. What could it possibly be about???

Well, of course there’s nothing given away in the shifting shapes of the video, but with 99% certainty we can say that Sony is finally going to be unveiling their next generation console, the PS4 or whatever the hell they’re going to call it this time around. Same name, same controller for three generations now. Will they mix things up now?

I’m expecting it to blow the WiiU out of the water from a power perspective, but hopefully they’ll be announcing some games for it as well, which is what would really get everyone excited. Ever since buying my own PS3 in addition to my 360, I’ve realized that they actually have my favorite line-up of exclusive titles out there.

What do you want to see from the PS4?

  • Tonyctitan

    I could care less, my ps3 is nothing more than a blu ray player. The playstation network and online chat functions are garbage compared to xboxlive. I have the playstation and only use it once in a while when they have an exclusive that I want (which is rare). It’s gonna be a hard sell for me at this point.

  • Johannes P Anderson

    @Tony *couldn’t

  • steve p

    all i want is full backwards compatibility, including user name and trophies and all DLC stuff. I’m so tired of buying a bunch of games for one console then having to either get rid of the old games or rebuy them when thew new console is out. Or of course having to keep 2 consoles going.

  • Interrogator

    I’ll buy it, I need a new blueray player.

    Oh, and hopefully I’ll still be able to play Dust 514 on it.