Play The Ranked Games By Buying A New League Of Legends Account

Many people are hooked on to the League of Legends game these days. LoL is popular because of its fast paced nature and the intensity. It offers a nice blend of both, Role Playing and Real Time Strategy. The game is all about the battle of powerful champions from two teams, with each champion having unique powers and playing styles. The champions will also have to go on head-to-head combats during the course of the game. The best thing about this game is the frequent updates that allow you to change the scene of the tournaments, and get all new rosters.

In this post, we shall check out why people are buying League Of Legends accounts for sale, when they can easily get their own for free. Let us list out some of the reasons below.

You won’t have to spend long hours on the levelling up:

The levelling up of the accounts is very time consuming, because you will have to reach the experience (XP), in order to be able to play the ranked games. You will be going up the levels after attaining certain XP points. You will also get the champion capsules as you keep going up the levels.

You will need to level up to at least 30 and above to be able to play on big leagues or ranked games. What it means is that you will be spending more than 100 hours to catch up with the level 30. Only then you will be able to participate in the ranked games. Now if you buy a LoL account, you won’t have to waste that many hours on levelling up.

Flexibility to play with lower ranked players:

When you buy the accounts, they will be unranked. The unranked smurf accounts allow you to start over again. These accounts can be especially useful for playing with your friends, if they are ranked lower than you. If they are new to the game, then they will not be in a position to match up to the powers of ranked players.

The paid unranked accounts allow you to set the ranks as per your friend’s ranks, and play with them. That way you will be getting a level paying ground, when you combat the unranked players.

They come with IP which puts you in the advantage right away.

When you buy the LOL accounts, they also come with the Influence Points (IP) and Riot Points (RP), using which you can buy the champions, runes, and the skins. When you are playing the ranked games, the runes will come in handy for winning.

You get around 20000 IP, which gives you a head-start to buy at least 3 champions right away. You could also use it to buy the runes. Again this works to your advantage, because normally you earn IPs only if you play long games or continuously. All that time and efforts are saved.

Smurf accounts also give you the option of changing your role, because of the freedom to buy runes and champions. You get to experience a different game-play and roles, than what you did in your original account.

Flexibility to make regional changes:

It is not easy to switch the zone or region once you get the account. North American (NA) players prefer playing the Europe West (EUW), because the game-play is more competitive in that region. If you purchase server transfer by visiting the Riot Store, then you will have to shell out around $20. If you buy a LoL account for a few bucks more, then you can get to test your gaming skills in multiple regions.

Cheaper Option:

Buying a new account will work out way cheaper than having to buy the champions individually. Why pay $36 for buying champions in the 3rd tier, when you can go for a new smurf account at just $30? You will get 16 unlocked champions when you buy the account itself.

The above reasons clearly suggest why buying a League of Legends account can work as an advantage to you.

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