Peter Moore Dares Us to Find Flaws with New Madden Screen


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President of EA Sports, Peter Moore, is super excited about Madden ’10, which surprise, has better graphics than all the other Madden games. He posted this official screenshot on his blog, along with high praise and a challenge for anyone to find fault with it.

While we have a number of announcements and updates to come over the next several weeks leading up to next month’s NFL Draft, I’m excited to debut the first screenshot from this year’s game right here this week. The old adage says, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and that is certainly true in this fantastic shot. How many improvements can you pick out? The Madden dev team will call each one out in their blog later this week.

Um, well for starters, Big Ben’s biceps are totally bigger than that. What? I’m just saying…

It feels like just yesterday I was picking up Madden ’01 for the PS2 and watching the rendered players in awe. I wonder what we’ll be seeing in another eight years.

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