Peter Molyneux Talks His Top 5 Most Innovative Games


Fable creator Peter Molyneux, has decided to grace us with a list of what he considers to be the five most innovative games of all time. I wouldn’t say any of these choices are particularly out there, but it’s worth a read nonetheless. Here are his picks:

1. Dune 2 – The RTS that made slow strategy games fun. For some people.

2. Mario 64 – The first game that took a 2D platformer and brought it into the three dimensional future. Also invented the concept of open world exploration, that spawned games like GTA down the line.

3. Tomb Raider – The first game to feature a strong, hot woman as the lead character. Besides Metriod, but that was really just to be a twist ending.

4. Halo – For inspiring practically every first person shooter made today. Though I would argue that Goldeneye started the whole trend. Though some would argue with ME that Doom was the father of it all.

5. World of Warcraft – Because it proved a video game can be as addictive as a controlled substance. Even to Molyneux himself, who pushed himself to get to grind to level 40 just so he could get a horse.

Not a bad list, but I think he could have flushed it out to a top ten which would have made for a better read. But I do respect the man’s opinion, after all, Fable 2 was my game of the year in 2008.

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